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SeaAir Tri-Metal Regulator earns "Tester's Choice" and "Best Buy" awards from Scuba Diving Magazine

Scuba Diving Regulator Best OfAccording to XS Scuba, the SeaAir Tri-Metal (so named because of its stainless-steel, titanium and brass components) delivers the performance of today's most expensive regs, yet is moderately priced. Based on our test results, this claim is grounded firmly in fact. Within the parameters of our standard breathing simulator tests, the Tri-Metal demonstrated Very Good to Excellent performance. Then it kept going. As RMVs and test depths increased, this reg continued to deliver air at a surprisingly low work of breathing. In short, the SeaAir Tri-Metal proved to be a real powerhouse when pushed to extremes.

The reg also proved more than able in actual ocean conditions, racking up Very Good scores in almost all ergo categories. Test divers found the reg to be a sweet breather in all positions and dry as a bone. The purge cover on the balanced second stage is a bit stiff, but unleashes a forceful rush of air for easy clearing. Although somewhat sticky, the breathing resistance knob gives you a full range of adjustment in only a couple of turns.

The Tri-Metal's balanced piston first stage features a low-pressure port turret for easy hose routing and is the only reg in this group to come with a yoke rated for 4,000-psi cylinders. It carries a limited lifetime warranty. Based on its chart-topping performance and a reasonable price of $375, its a Best Buy.

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