Sporasub Extrem 55 5.5mm Farmer John Suit-Shown As Fullsuit

Sporasub Extrem 55 5.5mm Farmer John Suit. Two-piece wetsuits for spearfishing and freediving, with outer cover and open-cell lining. Manufactured using two different blends of neoprene: - ULTRASTRETCH Neoprene, used in certain sections of the torso and legs to ensure excellent freedom of movement and easy ventilation. - Neoprene that is more resistant to flattening but equally soft, used to maintain the necessary thickness on parts of the body that are the most sensitive to cold during the dive (nape of the neck, back, etc.). Preformed cut without stitching in friction areas. Highly-resistant reinforcing chest pad in Melcotape. Tear-resistant protection in Supratex on the knees and forearms. Seams are double-glued and sewn with blind stitch construction for maximum seal. Rugged double-lined beaver tail with quick-connect grommets. Jacket and pants sold separately to best meet the diverís needs.

Due to popularity, supplies are limited. Please allow an extra 3-5 days to ship.

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